Do you have accounting headaches?overwhelmedbusinesswoman


  • Do you struggle with paperwork or bookkeeping tasks, when you would rather be doing something else?
  • Do you worry you’re going to miss a tax deadline and incur a big fine?
  • Are you always wondering what your real bank balance is or how much profit you’ve made?
  • Are you struggling with calculating payroll for employees or those employed in your home?

Add Insight can spare you the headache.


We love doing what gives you those headaches. We’re passionate about numbers and can help you make sense out of that side of your business.

Alexa Gregory has over 30 years of experience working with a variety of professional, service and retail companies.

Our experience as the owner of service, retail, and manufacturing businesses gives us a deeper understanding of your business needs and the ability to work with you as a trusted confidant and advisor.

We manage your books, create meaningful reports, but more importantly, we provide valuable insight, so you can make better financial decisions.

“Alexa’s a pleasure to work with! She’s calm, smart, caring, conscientious, full of integrity, and multi-talented.”

“Alexa provides the bookkeeping services for a mutual client where I’m the CPA. Alexa is attentive to her client’s needs, efficient, accurate, and easy to work with.”

“Alexa is a valued professional colleague, expert in her field, a dependable and insightful thought partner who is detail oriented yet sees the big picture.”


An initial consultation with Add Insight is free. Call 510-859-3575 to set up an appointment or fill out our contact form.